Thanksgiving and a Friday Favorite: Black Friday Shopping!

Each Thanksgiving, we enjoy spending time with our family and giving thanks to God for all we’ve been blessed with. And, this year, we’re starting a new family tradition of going out to serve others after we have our family meal. I’m excited that we’re focusing on giving thanks and giving back to our community.

And then, because I am a red-blooded American girl, I will stay up and plan out my strategies, map out a route, and prepare for battle.

Black Friday shopping is one of my favorite family traditions. Nothing beats the fun of standing in line at midnight, conspiring about what you’re doing as soon as you get in the store, or the thrill of the hunt once you get in. One time, about ten years ago, my sister in law seriously elbowed people in a KB toy store… over a Furby. Yep, a Furby. Another year we made it our mission to get as many free doorbuster giveaways as possible… so we went from line to line to line just to get free, cheaply made ornaments and stuff. Now, my husband and I brave lines and flying shopping carts all over the city in search of the perfect Christmas gifts for our kids. It’s good times, people.

Whatever your family’s holiday traditions are, I wish you all the best. My hope and prayer for you would be that Thanksgiving and the time spent with your family would be not just something to endure, but to ENJOY with your whole heart. <3

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