About Me

I’m a proud book nerd, coffee addict, writer, and fan of young adults and the potential they possess.

I’ve been teaching English/Language Arts for the past thirteen years. It’s so much more than just a job – I get to watch great kids turn into even greater grown ups AND I get to introduce them to books I love. Plus, teenagers are fun. They keep me young.

This site was developed to share my love of books with students and their families, both those I teach and those who find their way here through links. I hope you’ll spend some time looking through past posts for some good book recommendations, and that you’ll follow this blog or sign up for future posts by e-mail!

I’m also the YA reviewer for SheReads.org, and online community of women who love to read. It’s pretty cool. I’m excited about it.

And, I’m the author of a new YA romantic mystery for which I’m currently seeking representation… So if you’re an agent looking for a new author, here I am! I’m excited about adding “author” to my list of roles and can’t wait to move forward with this new phase of my career.

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