About My Book

The novel I’m currently seeking representation for is a 77,000 word YA romantic mystery titled BECAUSE YOU SHOULD BE MINE. If you’re an agent in the market for an aspiring children’s/YA author, there are no words to express how much I’d love to hear from you!

What’s the book about? This:

Seventeen year-old Cassie Lynn Miller is an art loving, caffeine addicted junior coming to terms with what her life looks like right now: her dad unexpectedly died three years ago, her mom wants to start dating, and her crush acts like she’s invisible. When Tony Giannelli, her childhood best friend, former neighbor, and the incredibly hot object of her obsessive crush comes to visit during her evening shift at the local coffee house, she thinks things could be looking up. Unfortunately, he’s not there to declare his undying love – he’s been framed and needs Cassie’s help. Tony remembers something Cassie has never considered a vital life skill – her uncanny ability to solve mysteries (thanks to her dad’s obsession with classic detective TV shows, which then turned into her own fascination with teen series Veronica Mars). Desperate to keep Tony near her, Cassie agrees to find a way to help, putting her heart on the line and unknowingly making both of them targets for a suspect with deadly intentions.

I’m also working on two other YA Contemporary titles which I hope to have ready for agent submission later this year.

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