When It Happens

I swear I’m not just recommending this book because it has an allusion to Say Anything, which is one of the greatest YA stories of all time… but it did make me an instant fan of Susane Colasanti.In fact, it’ll be the focus of a new Throwback Thursday blog feature.

When It Happens is a great story told from two points of view (LOVE IT). Sara and Tobey are, quite simply, meant to be together. Tobey knows Sara is The One. Sara is a little too interested in the thrill of a shot at popularity to notice it right away, but when it does happen, it’s wonderful in a super happy heart kind of way. Along the way, it’s impossible not to fall for Tobey’s adorable self and identify with everything Sara deals with. And I love, love, love getting two character’s POVs on the same incident. It’s such an effective way of developing characters and letting the audience really get to know their personalities. Colasanti is able to write two distinct personalities in Sara and Tobey that make this book irresistible.

You should read this. Enjoy. ;)

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