Sherlock starts tomorrow!!!

I need new Sherlock episodes back in my life! Here’s a fun quiz from Buzzfeed to get us ready.



Friday Favorite: #SherlockLives!

I’m such a fan of this Sherlock series! Great acting, great writing, great all over. Now, I haven’t gotten to level of fandom where I change my twitter name to include the main actor’s and embrace true Benedict Cumberbatch fangirlishness, but you know. It’s just about THAT good.

What fascinates me the most about this is just the simple fact that Sherlock is a 19th century character that’s still one of the most relevant and influential characters in the literary and pop culture worlds. I can’t even imagine what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would have to say about Sherlock today. What would it feel like to create a character so lasting? It’s amazing.

And really, for real, I can’t wait for January 1st at 9:00. #SherlockLives!