Wrecked by Maria Padian

wreckedWrecked revolves around a rape that takes place on a college campus. The way it’s told, though, is through the eyes of Haley and Richard, the roommates of the two involved in the sexual assault, which gives the story a mysterious quality as the roommates try to figure out what really happened that night.

When Haley and Richard happen meet each other and star dating, they don’t even realize that they’re both connected to the rape incident because, in their role as roommates of the two involved, they’re not allowed to talk about it with anyone else. The story isn’t just focused on the rape, though, as Haley and Richard get to know each other and start dating, there’s a fun contemporary romance element too. The knowledge of what sexual assault is has a way of becoming more real when it actually happens to someone close to you, so it’s interesting to go through that process Haley and Richard and see how it impacts their dating relationship.

The whole story may sound convoluted and confusing, but Padian crafts the story very well. Wrecked is intriguing and thought-provoking; I feel like this should be a must read for students getting ready to go off to college. It would also make a great starting point for discussion about this topic with anyone wanting to explore it more. Click here to see it on Amazon or request it at your favorite book store!

2 thoughts on “Wrecked by Maria Padian

  1. Suzzannah says:

    Melissa, First I am so glad you are doing this blog. What age would you recommend this book. I like to read books about difficult subjects with my sons. I would suspect they are a little young but we will definitely read something on date rape before they start dating. somehow, when you are talking about characters, it makes it easier for the boys to discuss sexual subjects. It also allows the boys to see a violent crime from the victim’s perspective.

    • Hey Suzzannah! Thanks for your kind words, and I think it’s great that you engage your kids in conversations like about difficult subjects. I’d recommend 11th grade and up on this one, but you could read it ahead of time and see what you think. :)

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