Between Us and the Moon by Rebecca Maizel

between us and the moon

I loved this book.

The setting, the storytelling, the swoon-worthy boy… All magical. And talk about a way to get ready for summer! I mean, just LOOK at that cover.

What makes it even better than your typical summer beachy read, though, is the protagonist. Sarah/Bean has her life together in the beginning, but slowly things unravel and her scientific brain has to deal with emotions and feelings and desires that don’t simply compute (think Sheldon from Big Bang Theory as a teenage girl). She does a lot of lying and letting people walk all over her, creating a huge mess. While I wanted to shout at her and strangle her for not being truthful and straightening out the mess earlier than she did, I also totally understood and thought she was a truly realistic portrayal of a teenage girl just trying to figure herself out. Ultimately the mess turned into some beautiful stuff – still messy, still real, not cliched, but a beautiful mess reminiscent of all our teen years.

Rebecca has a new book coming out in June, so snatch this one up now and then come back for more this summer! Find it here on Amazon or at your favorite bookseller. :)

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