Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

every last word

Tamara Ireland Stone’s Every Last Word completely caught me by surprise. I’d thought the synopsis sounded good when I picked it to read, and I’ve always loved novels that incorporate poetry into the story, but I wasn’t prepared for how great this book really is.

Sixteen year-old Samantha suffers from Purely Obsessional OCD, which she somehow keeps hidden from her group of friends, who would rip her apart and kick her solidly out of the popular social circle at any hint of something out of the ordinary. When Sam meets a new and definitely unpopular friend, Caroline, she also keeps that friendship hidden… especially when Caroline introduces her to a secret poetry club that meets in their school.It’s in this poetry club that Sam discovers the therapeutic value of writing. She also meets a few other friends, like the talented and cute musician, AJ.

Sam’s confidence grows and healing begins and romance blooms in this truly beautifully written story. The Kirkus Review of Every Last Word said it’s “Clueless meets Dead Poets Society with a whopping final twist,” and I couldn’t agree more, which is probably why I liked it so much.

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2 thoughts on “Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

  1. I’m so intrigued by this book and have it on my shelf, but I keep avoiding it. I’ve had Pure O for 27 years and I’m nervous that a) the experience in this novel will be TOO similar to the hell I went through or that b) it will be too dissimilar to my experience and upset me. I know I’m being ridiculous. I should just read it already.

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