A Resolution for 2015…

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I don’t typically share New Year’s resolutions. Actually, I don’t typically MAKE New Year’s resolutions. To me, it always feels like a promise I make to myself that I’ll probably break within a week, and so it’s easier to just make small changes to my life and lifestyle whenever necessary than to essentially lie to myself for the sake of a holiday.

But, anyway… One of my author friends, Cassie Mae, asked yesterday what my number one goal for 2015 was. I almost just didn’t answer because of what I just explained, but this question felt different. A goal doesn’t feel like a probable lie. It feels like something I’ll work toward throughout 2015.

So, here it is. My ultimate¬†goal for this year is to get signed by a literary agent. In order to do that, though, I need to finish the manuscript I’m working on… I don’t know why, but I have this feeling that it could really be something special. I have to say that this goal feels daunting in light of medical issues I’ve been battling for the past four months, but I’m hoping to be healthy enough to continue the pursuit of my ultimate dream: to become a successful, published author. I want to walk into Barnes and Noble and see my books on the selves. I want to go on book release tours and meet readers. I want to write books that will positively impact the lives of teenagers all over the place. I want to go to book conventions and meet (and fangirl over) the authors that have been my inspiration. I want to see myself on a bestseller list someday.

The journey to get there won’t be easy, and in many ways I ultimately have no control over where my dream ends up, but I sure have the passion to try.

How about you? What big goals are you working toward this year?

3 thoughts on “A Resolution for 2015…

  1. I think that is an excellent goal! I, like you, rarely make “resolutions” because they hardly ever stick. But I’ve become a goal-oriented person lately, so I made a few for this year. I created a book list (20 books) that I want to accomplish in ’15, I want to run “x-number” of miles and “x-number” of races this year. And my “word” for this year is to just make everything BETTER. I want to be a better learner, teacher, and wife.

    I can’t wait for you to achieve your goal, however, because I can’t wait to read all of your books! And I can’t wait to see your books in BAM or B&N and say to myself, “I am so proud to know her because she is awesome!” Keep reaching for the stars, Carp! You’ll get there sooner or later! <3

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