A great New Adult resource!

So I like New Adult. A lot. I think about college and how many HUGE life decisions you make during those four years, and I’m really a fan of any books specifically targeted to that age group to help college aged people (and those of us permanently stuck there mentally – I’m still hemming and hawing about a Master’s degree) through all of that stuff.

What I’m not a fan of, though, is the New Adult books that make it seem like college is all about running around sleeping with as many people as possible. That’s gross. It IS possible to successfully make it through college without being skanky.

I saw this link posted in twitter and Facebook, so I had to check it out. I like several of these titles, some of which you can find review for in the archives of this blog. So go check it out! Find some new NA reads that are not all about sex. :)

Nice Guys in NA: New Adult Worth Reading

Elf on a Shelf!


I avoided this book for a long time, not because I didn’t think it was a great idea, but because I didn’t want to read it to my kids and feel obligated to do something with the elf every night. I kept seeing all these pictures all over Facebook of crazy things people did to their family elves – dressing them up, staging tea parties, toilet papering Christmas trees – it was endless.

So last year after Christmas, I picked up an Elf on the Shelf kit for 50% off. When we pulled out our Christmas stuff this year, we found it, read it, named our elf Jingle Jack, and we’ve been having a blast ever since.

Now, my son is almost 8, and he’s been hesitant to believe Santa is real for the last year or two. However, he’s all about believing that Jingle Jack actually goes to the North Pole to report to Santa every night. He even caught me in the act of staging this “bubble bath” and just laughed, completely oblivious to the fact that I had been putting the finishing touches on the scene as he walked into the room.


The thing is, it doesn’t take too long to set up a scene. Even the bubble bath one took less than five minutes, and most of that time was just gathering the stuff from my daughter’s random doll junk. Toilet papering the Christmas tree? Thirty seconds. And it’s FUN.

So even if you’re not a parent with children, GO GET AN ELF ON THE SHELF. Rotate nights with your family members or dorm mates or whatever and have fun with it. It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit, and it’s really neat to watch people react to what you’ve done.

Merry Christmas, and ENJOY this!


“Human reason c…

“Human reason can excuse any evil; that is why it’s so important that we don’t rely on it.”
― Veronica Roth, Divergent

Switched by Cassie Mae ~ Blog Hop and Giveaway!

At this point, I’m pretty sure I’ve read everything Cassie Mae has published. And I’ll continue to read everything she publishes.

In Switched, we start with a complicated love square comprised of Kayla, the protagonist, her best friend, Reagan, Reagan’s boyfriend, Talon, and Talon’s best friend, Wesley. So Reagan and Talon are dating and have been for a year. But Kayla is in love with Talon, and Wesley is in love with Reagan. It’s a mess.

As Kayla and Wesley team up to get Reagan and Talon to break up and date them instead (which, let’s be honest, is a reprehensible thing to do to your best friends and begs the question, is all REALLY fair in love and war?) they get closer and closer and feelings start to get confused as to who really loves who (or whom – whatever).

So I spent a fair chunk of this book really frustrated with Kayla for wanting a guy that belonged to her best friend, with Reagan for seeming like an honeslty crappy best friend, and with Talon for seeming entirely clueless. But then there was Wesley. He’s really a GREAT guy character. Total book crush.

Without giving anything away, I’ll say that Cassie turned my frustration right back around on me and, in a well-orchestrated “switch” that I didn’t see coming at all, redeemed the book and more than made up for the time I spent wanting to strangle everybody but Wesley.

Overall, highly recommended for girls in at least their junior/senior years. Some of the language and sexual content was a little much, but the story behind it is good.

You can find Switched here on Amazon, and if you COMMENT below on this post through midnight (PST) on Sunday, Dec. 8, you’ll be entered to win a FREE DIGITAL COPY of Switched! Yay!

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Poor Little Dead Girls by Lizzie Friend

If you’re a fan of shows like Pretty Little Liars, then you’ll enjoy Poor Little Dead Girls – it is a really good romantic YA mystery suspense thriller.

In this book, Sadie leaves her home in Portland to attend Keating, an exculsive all-girl boarding school near DC. It’s the home to really important kids of really important, powerful people. Sadie, a West Coast normal kid there on a lacrosse scholarship, struggles with some serious culture shock when she first arrives at Keating. And that’s before she even knows about the existence of a secret society with their eyes set on Sadie as their next member.

If doesn’t take long for some strange things to start happening. First, there’s the cloud of mystery surrounding the fact that Sadie’s mom went to Keating and later suffered from mental illness, eventually killing herself. There are hints about a student who went missing the previous school year, but nobody’s willing to talk about it. And when Sadie is taken in the middle of the night, it’s all you can do to not scream at her through the book to just go home to Oregon.

There are some good things going on at Keating, too, that keep her there. One is a quickly made best friend. Another is a super cute new boy, also from the West Coast, who attends the all-boy’s school nearby. As the story goes on at the suspense climbs, these three (and some crazy supporting characters that are really pretty fun) have to depend on each other in life and death situations.

Overall, I enjoyed this a lot. One thing I noticed is that, while the loose ends are tied up nicely in this book, resulting in a good, satisfying, well-resolved ending, there’s definitely a possibility for more books feathuring these same settings and characters. I hope author Lizzie Friend plans to follow up with more!