#ThrowbackThursday: Say Anything

Say Anything is like everything you’d hope to see in a great YA book but come to life in a classic late 80’s movie. There’s one thing that puts it over the top and makes it completely irresistible, though… Lloyd Dobler. And, as the front of the DVD box so correctly states, to know Lloyd Dobler is to love him.

This is your classic slacker guy has a huge crush on overachiever girl kind of story, but something about it is absolutely magical. I’ve seen this movie so many times and I never get tired of it. I think my favorite thing about it really is Lloyd Dobler. Not because the young John Cusack is hot (though, really, he was) – but because of the way he pursues Diane Court. He knew he wanted to be with her. He knew they were meant to be together. So, he set out to make it happen. I think every girl wants to feel that wanted and worthy of pursuit. To feel cherished.

If you’ve never seen this, you should really watch it. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday: Say Anything

  1. I absolutely LOVED Say Anything. I had a high school psychology teacher that insisted every teenager watched it before they graduated. I'm so glad I did. Proud to say I can source the classic 80s "boombox above the head playing music to the window" scene. I particularly loved the scene at the dinner table where Lloyd goes into this really supreme monologue about working, life, and happiness. This movie has some serious life-truths woven into it.

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