Friday Favorite: The New Girl & Schmidt

I swear this show makes me laugh more than any show has since Scrubs. It’s funny and smart and nerdy and witty, full of great characters that make you wish you could go live with them. 

The premise is that three guys need a roommate, and Jess answers their ad. She her quirky sweet self into the apartment and all kinds of hilariousness ensues. And I love that it’s on Tuesdays so I have something to look forward to early in the week. 
As for as the YA world goes, this is definitely probably high school and up… the content is hilarious but not really at a middle school level. I mean, it’s not raunchy like Jersey Shore, but a few of the episodes have been heavy on the sexual topics. 
One of the best gifts The New Girl has given us is the character of Schmidt. He’s hands down the funniest character and is constantly doing things for which he has to put money into the “Douche Jar.” I’m telling you it’s just funny. This has been such a big hit that the makers of the show have written a book by Schmidt, The Douche Journals, where all pre-show infractions are chronicled in the same witty and hilarious way the show is written. I got it for my birthday. <3
If you haven’t seen it, check out the pilot episode online or on iTunes. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: The New Girl & Schmidt

  1. Yes! New Girl is originally funny! Jess is quirky, but is well played out through the contrasting personalities of Nick, Winston, and Schmidt- and of course, mellowed out Cece. Gotta love those characters. I hope something happens between Jess & Nick!

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